About Tiffany

Having been in the insurance business for 17 years, specializing in life insurance, Tiffany reached a point where she felt like there was something missing in the planning process. Families often find themselves choosing a funeral home and making decisions about the service and burial without outside support and in a state of shock. Tiffany ventured into the planning of funerals, where she helps put together the right funeral for any individual. Families have sought Tiffany’s expertise to plan services for a loved one who has died, as well as to pre-plan their own funeral and end-of-life details, so they can be assured of receiving exactly what they wish. She has been able to organize more than 20 funerals, working with both the family and funeral home, during her career for various clients, including her friends and family.

In addition, Tiffany has a huge passion for helping others. She feels connected to the families that have lost their loved ones and makes sure to give what is best for them – a peaceful send-off and a beautiful service. It can be said that she actually has a gift in delivering this service. She finds solace and happiness in being helpful to others.

Tiffany acts as an extension of your family. She is able to add a personalized feeling to her planning strategy by reaching out to the proper family members, by helping with the obituary process, choosing photos and also by helping with the music selection. No matter whether she is pre-planning a funeral or handling arrangements after someone has died unexpectedly, Tiffany focuses on being compassionate, empathetic, caring, affectionate and very professional in her work. She does not discriminate against any denomination, and is concerned solely with giving a proper send off to the deceased and offering peace and solace to the grieving family.

Call Tiffany’s Compassionate Planning to plan beautiful, end-of-life details or send off a loved one in peace. Her goal is “Providing comfort and ease when you need it most.”