Funeral Pre-Planning Services

There isn’t really a way to prepare yourself for the death of a loved one, whether it happens unexpectedly or after a long illness. Everyone grieves in a different way, and it can be a long, lonely and confusing process, especially when the survivors are also trying to contact other family and friends, and having to make choices about a funeral or memorial service.

Talking about and making plans for the end of your own life can be a true gift to your family. We understand that these conversations are difficult to have, and that’s why we are here to help. As part of our planning services, we talk to you about your wishes — what type of funeral service you would like to have, including readings, music and location. We can also gather logistical and cost information from funeral homes in your area and help you finalize where and how you wish to be interred. By planning as much as possible for your end-of-life journey, your family will be able to grieve without the burden of making decisions regarding the funeral and other services.

Pre-planning your funeral can also also ease any of the family tensions that tend to arise during the difficult and emotional time after someone has died. Establishing your specific wishes beforehand, in writing, eliminates any confusion or conflict your survivors might have and can serve as a comfort. You and your family can be comforted now, just by knowing that small details have been taken care of, and that services eligible for prepayment have already been paid.

We are available to physically meet with you in the Pittsburgh area or to set up a phone or email conversation no matter where you live. If you are hesitant to discuss end-of-life details with your spouse, children or other family members, we offer an understanding, compassionate, and completely neutral ear to listen to your thoughts and wishes. We will respect your wishes for privacy, and can offer guidance for whatever services you have in mind. We offer flexible pricing for our services based on the level of planning you need.