I have known Tiffany for many years, Tiffany is very close to me, we are sisters. When I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, Tiffany was there for me. Tiffany teamed up with my other close girlfriends to plan a spaghetti benefit dinner for me to help me out. There were over 400 people who came out to support me. She networked to let people know about the benefit. I would recommend Tiffany if anyone would need an event planner to contact her. Thank you Tiffany for all your love and support.
– Kaneesha N.

I strongly recommend Tiffany for any bereavement services you may need. We have been friends and colleagues for five years and I promise you will not find a more compassionate and loving person. Her display of charity is exemplary, through her giving to those in need. I’ve seen this in both personal and professional capacities. She has opened her heart to families at times of desperation and despair with a selfless disposition. Tiffany is the most caring person I know and I’m very thankful to have her as a friend!
– Kent S.

Tiffany did an amazing job in planning our annual Back 2 School Bash. She was very professional and hands on for every aspect of the event. From scheduling the volunteers, coordinating all of the vendors, fundraising, and trouble shooting. We will definitely use her services again and I highly recommend her.
– Lucinda W.

Let me begin by saying that I knew Tiffany for quite a long time, and then my beloved husband became sick and diagnosed with lung cancer. She eased my mind, explained a lot to me, and told me not to worry because she would be there every step of the way with me. And every step of the way she was there, helping me cope and going over to the funeral home with me and my young granddaughter- who was only ten at the time. Tiffany planned the after-dinner wake…making sure it was catered for enough family and friends and even the cemetery military people. After everyone was gone, down to the last nephew and his wife, there was only one person standing in that dining room and it was ‘My Tiffany,’ as I call her. Truly my angel, who stayed with me through the sadness.
– Elayne J.

I am very thankful and blessed to have had Tiffany take care of all our arrangements. From reordering memorial cards when we ran out to getting extra photos printed for family members a week after the funeral, everything was perfect. I lost my son, who was 23 years old, to heroin addiction. When I received the call that he had passed, I obviously did not want to deal with the situation. I was hurt, confused and very angry. Thanks to Tiffany, I was able to focus on grieving and dealing with a broken heart. She handled every phone call and every minute detail. My son passed away in Florida. She handled all the arrangements to get him picked up and brought home. She scheduled time for us to go see him prior to the viewing. She scheduled the viewing and organized everything that was needed for it. She ordered the flower arrangements I requested. She worked with our local church to have Mass. She coordinated the memorial luncheon after the funeral. She coordinated everything
– Paul L.

I cannot stress enough the quality of human being Tiffany is. Honest, generous, loving and truly compassionate. Top-notch integrity and a dedication to quality in everything she does. I give her my absolute strongest recommendation.
– Eric M.

Tiffany is one of the most compassionate people I know. The world is a better place with her in it.
-Sue G.

Tiffany is the salt of the Earth! Best person I know.
-Tony C.